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Medacta GMK Sphere® Multicenter Post-Market Outcomes Study

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Medacta GMK Sphere® Multicenter Post-Market Outcomes Study

This study is to average Forgotten Knee Score (FJS) of those patients receiving the Medacta GMK SphereAR knee at the two and five year time points. 70 subjects, enrolled at the data coordinating center in Medacta GMK SphereAR vs Posterior Stabilized study (WIRB Pro Num: 20141994) and randomized to the Sphere arm, will have their data utilized for this study.


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Device - Medacta GMK Sphere® Medial Knee Prosthesis

There is no consensus within the Arthroplasty community as to whether a traditional post and cam-style Posterior Stabilized total knee device is superior to a medial-pivot, more congruent device. However, the majority of surgeons seem to prefer the former, though there is a minority that uses the latter device with great success. To date, there have been few prospective trials directly comparing these devices, and none with the latest generation of Total Knee Arthroplasty implants. Almost all su more on

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Medacta GMK Sphere® Medial Pivot, Cruciate Substituting Multicenter, Post-Market Outcomes Study

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