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Tool for Person-Centered Recovery Planning

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Recovery Roadmap Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant

Recovery Roadmap: A Collaborative Multimedia Tool for Person-Centered Recovery Planning is a highly interactive web-based tool that provides guidance for providers and people in recovery, and promotes widespread implementation of Person-Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP). The Recovery Roadmap prototype was developed and tested by the Center for Social Innovation (C4), in partnership with Yale University's Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH), under a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (1R43MH100712). Phase II will refine the prototype Roadmap to streamline content, provide additional handouts and exercises for providers and clients to complete together, expand the audio/video vignettes and case studies, and add interactive online coaching and support for providers. Phase II also involves a robust evaluation of the Roadmap, using a quasi-experimental design in a fully powered trial. Approximately 26 community-based mental health programs will be randomized into Recovery Roadmap (RR) or Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) conditions [in New York study sites, this practice is referred to as Wellness Self-Management (WSM)]. Participants will include both providers and clients, and data will include one pre-test and three post-tests with providers and clients, interviews with providers and administrators, network analytics, and administrative client data. This phase will culminate with the dissemination of findings and preparation for Phase III commercialization.


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Behavioral - Recovery Roadmap (RR)

A web-based tool that provides guidance for implementing Person-Centered Recovery Planning. Participants in the RR intervention will use the tool in Year 2, Quarter 1 (Y2Q1), Y2Q2, and Y2Q3. There are 3 components: Online module for service providers: A self-paced online module with interactive exercises, audio/video case studies, self-assessment, handouts, and collaborative materials designed for use with clients. Online module for people in recovery: A self-paced online module with interactive more on

Behavioral - Illness Management and Recovery (IMR)

IMR is an established evidence-based practice that helps people set meaningful goals for themselves, acquire information and skills to develop more mastery over their psychiatric illness, and make progress towards their own personal recovery. For this study, the IMR intervention will arise from established use of the intervention in enrolled programs.

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Recovery Roadmap Phase II: A Collaborative Multimedia Tool for Person-Centered Recovery Planning

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