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Encouraging Geriatric Rehabilitation Through Cycling Videos

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Motivating Videos to Encourage Cycling for Geriatric Rehabilitation

Motiview, an activity healthcare solution by Motitech, is finding solutions for elderly and people with dementia by reducing unnecessary emergency department visits, preventing falls/fall-injuries, improving management of complex health conditions, and improving brain health/cognitive fitness. Motiview is based on the premise that many of the challenges faced by this population may be caused by inactivity. The solution needs to effectively motivate them to be active year round. It also needs to accomplish this without increasing the resources within the health system. Motiview stimulates elderly people and people with dementia to increase their physical activity and cognitive training. By using videos, music/sound, the user can take a virtual bicycle trip through familiar surroundings and memories while facilitating activity participation and adherence in the older adult. Motiview is coupled to a mobile user-adapted cycle-trainer (TheraTrainer) that elicits physical activity as the individual pedals the trip. The unique part is adapting films and music according to the users' wishes and memories. By lessening the perceptions of difficulty, monotony, and discomforts associated with physical activity, participation and the experience of physical activity is enhanced. The research protocol of this project is designed to document the added value of Motiview for achieving physical activity participation. The hypothesis being that TheraTrainer bicycles will provide more activity when used with the video/audio overlay. Qualitative data will be gathered on the social aspects and reminiscence observed with the video/audit overlay from clients, care givers and staff. Information about Motiview can also be found on the website at


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - TheraTrainer + Motiview

TheraTrainer will be used in conjunction with Motiview.

Device - TheraTrainer Only

TheraTrainer will be used.

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Motivating Engagement for Physical Activity in the Elderly - Day Program

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