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Community Paramedicine at Home

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Community Paramedicine at Home

Community Paramedicine @Home (CP@Home) is a novel community paramedicine health assessment program for high users of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Individuals who have been identified as active callers to EMS, individuals who have called EMS for lift-assists, and direct paramedic referrals are referred into the community paramedicine home visit program. The program will focus on in-home chronic disease management, community health service connections, and EMS usage education. Aside from chronic disease management, aspects of the program include health-related quality of life, social isolation and other social determinants of health. Participants in the program will have up to 3 one-on-one home visits from a community paramedic to ultimately reduce repeat EMS calls and improve their overall health.


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Community paramedics (CPs) will be assigned to visiting the participants for a first time the week following the initial EMS call. Participants will complete the informed consent process with a CP on their first visit. This visit will also include a full assessment and risk analysis that will take approximately 90 minutes and will be located in the participant's home. As a result of the initial visit, the CP will make all relevant clinical referrals and decisions based on predetermined @Home alg more on

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Community Paramedicine at Home (CP @Home)

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