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Randomized Trial of eOncoNote

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Randomized Trial of eOncoNote

Improving Cancer Care Together through eOncoNote is a pragmatic randomized trial involving a secure online eConsultation system (referred to as eOncoNote) that will allow primary care providers and cancer specialist providers to communicate about their patients.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only

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Diagnosis phase: The patient's nurse navigator will initiate an eOncoNote to the patient's PCP, inviting them to send any questions related to the patient's diagnostic process. The nurse navigator will initiate case closure after the diagnostic process has been completed (case will be open up to 4 months). Treatment phase: The patient's medical or radiation oncologist will initiate an eOncoNote to the patient's PCP inviting them to ask questions related to the patient's cancer treatment and/or r more on

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Improving Cancer Care Together Through eOncoNote

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