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Stress & Premenstrual Symptoms Study

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Stress & Premenstrual Symptoms Study

This is a pilot study that aims to evaluate the psychophysiology of premenstrual mood disorders (PMDs) at baseline and after treatment with sertraline. Participants will include women with PMDs and healthy male and female controls. Participation involves a baseline visit to determine eligibility and three study visits that include questionnaires and stress reactivity assessment via an acoustic startle paradigm, cortisol, and immune markers, as well as hormone and genetic measures. Female participants with PMDs will receive sertraline during the premenstrual phase.


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Drug - Sertraline

Sertraline will be provided at a dose of 50 mg daily for up to 3 weeks, depending on the length of a woman's luteal phase. Medication will be taken only during the luteal phase. Women will initiate sertraline treatment upon determining that they have ovulated (using a urine LH Kit) and remain on sertraline until onset of their next menstrual period at which time they will stop taking the medication.

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Acoustic Startle Response in Women With Premenstrual Mood Disorders

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