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Abuse Liability of Reduced Nicotine Content Cigarettes Within a Complex Tobacco Marketplace

Tobacco regulatory policies can have unanticipated consequences; therefore, methods that would permit prospective estimates of the effects of potential tobacco regulations are necessary for the development of tobacco regulatory science. The goal of this project is to experimentally assess how smokers purchase and consume reduced-nicotine cigarettes. In experiment 1, we will investigate how purchasing/consuming reduced-nicotine cigarettes is related to nicotine content and absorption. In experiment 2, we will investigate how purchasing/consuming changes when other nicotine products are available in an experimental marketplace setting. The proposed projects can directly inform tobacco regulation by providing estimates of the real-world effects of novel policies.


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Drug - SPECTRUM cigarettes

Across six laboratory sessions, participants will consume 10 puffs of either their usual brand of cigarette (one session) or a SPECTRUM cigarette (five sessions) with a nicotine yield varying from 0.03 to 0.70 and either menthol (TPMF codes NRC 103, NRC 201, NRC 301, NRC 401, and NRC 501) or tobacco (TPMF codes NRC 102, NRC 200, NRC 300, NRC 400, and NRC 500) flavor, depending on preference. This will be followed by the collection of blood nicotine content and a cigarette purchase task.

Drug - SPECTRUM cigarettes between

Participants will be assigned one of the nicotine concentrations of a SPECTRUM cigarette. They will complete a cigarette purchase task and make real purchases for the next week. Participants will return and make purchases again, repeating 4 times.

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