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Family Genetics Health Education and Healthy Behaviors

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Family Genetics Health Education and Healthy Behaviors

Background: - Family-based approaches to reduce disease risk and promote healthy behaviors may be better than targeting individuals. Risk assessments based on family health history may help educate families on disease risks and encourage them to change physical activity and food choices. Specifically, researchers want to better understand the role of mothers in teaching healthy behaviors to their families. Objectives: - To determine mothers influence on diet and health-related behaviors. - To study an intervention tool that connects family health history and disease risk. Eligibility: - 18 years of age who have at least one child living at home. Design: - Participants will complete a survey over the phone. The survey will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The survey will collect family health history on heart disease, diabetes, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. - Researchers will give participants a Family Health Package (FHP). The FHP will provide information on family health history and disease risk. It will also recommend behaviors that can reduce health risks. - Two weeks after sending the FHP, participants will complete a phone survey about the FHP materials and their social networks. - Some participants will be invited to focus groups. The focus groups will explore diet and health behavior. They will look at food purchasing and preparation and meal sharing. The groups will also discuss attitudes toward healthy eating and physical activity. Each focus group will last 1 to 2 hours. - Participants will be asked to complete an electronic survey regarding participants health status, causal health beliefs, risk perceptions, and intentions to communicate health information. - Then, participants will have the opportunity to use the electronic version of the FHP, which will assess family health history. - After using the FHeP, participants will complete a short electronic survey to identify knowledge and understanding gained from the use of the application, changes in communication intentions, and suggestions for improvements to the application. - Upon completion of the electronic portion of the study, a study team member will conduct a semi-structured interview to allow the participants to qualitatively evaluate their user experience, including satisfaction and usefulness. - This study process will take approximately 60-90 minutes.


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The Role of the Family Genetics Health Educator in Influencing Health Promoting Behaviors

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