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Tracking Outcomes in Psychosis

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Tracking Outcomes in Psychosis

The investigators propose to study the brain processes that result in thought and language disorder and influence outcomes seen in patients with schizophrenia using a combination of brain scans and clinical assessments. The project will assess patients at various stages of psychosis (Clinical high risk, first episode and chronic stage >3 years of illness) referred to the Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scans). To track the outcome of this illness, investigators will follow-up patients over 3 years and collect MRI scans over four sessions for each first episode patient, and two sessions for clinical high risk patients, chronic patients, and healthy controls. Participants will also complete a clinical assessment examining symptoms and functioning as per the current clinical practice within the PEPP program at each scanning session.


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Tracking Outcomes in Psychosis

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