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Active Patient GDM

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Active Patient GDM

Among women with GDM, the investigators will determine if a strategy of (1) a website-based information and motivational resource bank; (2) biosensor/ePlatform-based physical activity and GWG tracking; and/or (3) a health coach will lead to more favourably outcomes; namely, GWG closer to target, higher physical activity levels, better glycemic and blood pressure control, and lower incidence of LGA in offspring. The current project is designed to assess feasibility and usability to inform the development of a large randomized controlled trial. The investigators will monitor the implementation process and examine patient-oriented outcomes, including perceptions of utility, challenges, and burden. These will be assessed through telephone-based in-depth interview. Methodology / Study design This is a feasibility randomized controlled trial with a factorial design. The investigators will recruit women with a diagnosis of GDM between 24 and 28 weeks' pregnancy. All will receive access to a website resource bank with tips and resources to optimize physical activity and dietary intake a quality during pregnancy. In addition, they will be randomized to one of the four following groups: (1) No additional intervention; (2) ePlatform-based automated support combined with pedometer-based physical activity monitoring and digital scale-based weight monitoring; (3) weekly telephone calls with a health coach to discuss physical activity, eating, gestational weight gain; (4) combination of ePlatform and telephone calls from a health coach. The investigators will evaluate recruitment rates, drop-out rates, women's perceptions of the strengths and limitations of the strategy, and ease and feasibility of outcome assessment. Assessments will be through in-clinic assessments, on-line questionnaires, clinic-based measures, mailed-in pedometers, and telephone-based interviews. Assessments will be at study entry and two to three weeks before the expected date of delivery or date of scheduled C-section. There will be a telephone-based interview at 12 weeks postpartum.


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ACTIVating and Engaging PAtients Through Clinical Interaction Redesign and Electronically- Integrated Novel Technologies Gestational Diabetes

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