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Oakland-Jairath Score Validation

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Oakland-Jairath Score Validation

Lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB) is a common presentation in the Emergency Room. It can deteriorate into severe adverse event. However some are discharged before these events occur. The Oakland-Jairath score was developed to help determine which patients can be safely discharged and which should be admitted from the ER to the hospital. The score did well in its development, but now needs to be externally validated by other independent cohorts. The limitations of the first study will be addressed in our study. The goal of this study is to perform the first prospective, multi-centered, external validation of the Oakland-Jairath risk score on an independent and diverse population who present to the emergency room with LGIB.


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Oakland-Jairath Risk Score

Oakland and Jairath developed a clinical prediction rule for safe discharge among patients with LGIB using data from their UK National Audit. They defined safe discharge as the absence of rebleeding, blood transfusion, need for endoscopic/radiologic/surgical intervention for hemostasis, readmission with LGIB, and death and developed a seven variable risk score: age, sex, previous history of LGIB admission, presence of blood on digital rectal exam, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and hemoglo more on

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External Validation of a Prognostic Risk Score for Safe Discharge Among Patients With Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Prospective Multi-centre Cohort Study

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