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Ross for Valve Replacement in Adults - Registry

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Ross for Valve Replacement in Adults - Registry

This registry follows patients undergoing two methods of aortic heart valve replacement in adults aged 18-60, the Ross procedure or conventional aortic valve replacement using a biologic or mechanical heart valve. The Ross procedure replaces a patient's diseased aortic valve with his/her own pulmonary valve and uses a donor valve in the pulmonary position which receives less stress than the aortic valve. Mechanical valves tend to form blood clots so they need long-term blood thinners that increase risk of bleeding and lower quality of life. Animal tissue valves reduce clotting and bleeding risks but wear out sooner and shorten patient life-span. The REVIVAL Registry will run in parallel with the REVIVAL randomized trial.


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Ross for Valve Replacement in AduLts (REVIVAL) Registry

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