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Online Study

Online Dating Profiles Study

Study Description

Studying the impressions we have of others based on their online dating profiles

We are interested in the kinds of impressions people form of others from their online dating profiles, the variance in these impressions, and the source of this variance (i.e., what cues do people use when making impressions of others in this context?).


Online Study

This study collects data using online methods and does not require you to come to the lab. Please check the methods section for details.


No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only


Participants will complete up to five online surveys. In these surveys, they will create their own dating profile or, if they have one, upload screenshots of their online dating profile, as well as rate other people’s dating profiles.

Additional Information

Official Study Title

Variance in Impressions of Others in a Dating Context

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