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Studies of Asthma in Populations of African Descent

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New Approaches for Empowering Studies of Asthma in Populations of African Descent

Background: Some groups of people have a high prevalence of asthma and allergic disease. Also, asthma and allergic disease are often found in several members of the same family. Researchers want to learn more about what factors might cause asthma, both genetic and environmental. Objective: To build a collection of information to try to find genes that cause conditions and disorders such as asthma and allergic disease. Eligibility: People ages 18 99 of self-identified African, African American, or African Caribbean descent who either have no history of asthma or wheeze or have a physician s diagnosis of asthma Design: Participants will be screened with an interview by phone or in person. Participants will fill out a questionnaire about their general health and exposure to allergens and smoke. Participants will have a physical exam. Participants will have blood tests. Participants will provide a skin cell sample. Up to two samples will be taken from the inside of the nose. A brush will be used to take the samples. Participants will have a breathing test. They will be asked to blow forcefully 3 or more times into a lung function machine. Participants may have their blood and skin samples sent to a lab. DNA will be extracted from the samples and tested. Participants blood and skin samples will be stored. Samples may be used in future research studies.


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New Approaches for Empowering Studies of Asthma in Populations of African Descent

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