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Fast Track Pathway to Accelerated Cholecystectomy

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Fast Track Pathway to Accelerated Cholecystectomy

More than 10% of Canadians have gallstones, and approximately 10% of these individuals will develop gallbladder inflammation related to gallstones, which is referred to as acute cholecystitis (AC). Patients with AC who do not have their gallbladder surgically removed have a 30% risk of serious complications that can lead to death. Surgery is the only definitive treatment for AC, however, there is controversy regarding the ideal timing of surgery. The two main approaches are early surgery (typically within 7 days of diagnosis) or delayed surgery (7 days to 6 weeks after diagnosis). Although preliminary evidence suggests that early surgery is associated with shorter hospital length of stay, lower risk for complications, and lower costs, practice varies widely regarding the timing of surgery. The limitations of the existing studies include small sample sizes, varied definitions of early versus delayed surgery, and an imbalance of risk between study groups. The proposed pilot study aims to inform the design of a large clinical trial that will compare the outcomes of patients with AC who receive accelerated surgery (i.e., as soon as possible with a goal of surgery within 6 hours of diagnosis) with those who receive standard care.


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Procedure - cholecystectomy

If patients are randomized to the intervention arm of the study; said patient will undergo corrective cholecystectomy surgery to correct cholecystitis as soon as possible with a goal of surgery within 6 hours of diagnosis.

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Fast Track Pathway to Accelerated Cholecystectomy Versus Standard of Care for Acute cholecysTitis

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