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Training on Anger and Reactive Aggression

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The Impact of Interpretation Bias Modification Training on Anger and Reactive Aggression

Difficulties with anger control are reported in a number of psychological conditions and are associated with social problems, such as dating violence and workplace violence. High trait anger is a personality construct characterized by elevations in the frequency, duration, and intensity of anger episodes. However, the cognitive processes contributing to high trait anger are still poorly understood. This study will examine the effectiveness of a computer-based cognitive bias modification (CBM) program designed to target hostile interpretations associated with high trait anger.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Interpretation Bias Modification

A computer based interpretation bias modification program that aims to reinforce neutral interpretations of ambiguous social situations.

Behavioral - Control Training Program

A sham training program that is similar in design and delivery to the experimental training condition.

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An Investigation of the Short-term Impact of Interpretation Bias Modification Training on Anger Symptoms, Reactive Aggression, and Attentional Biases Toward Anger-related Stimuli

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