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Ice Immersion Using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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Ice Immersion Using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of different technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with modifications as passive content, active content, cognitive load modulation, and positive encouragement coaching to increase the pain threshold as assessed by immersing a hand in ice water.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
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VR/AR headset with either passive or active content such as playing a game or watching a movie

Ice Bath

Participants immerse hand in ice bath and starting again with their original assigned group and keep hand submerged as long as they can withstand the cold or until 4 minutes have elapsed, whichever comes first. Participants will not be told of the specifics of the time limit, to avoid competitiveness and expectations and will be asked for pain scores every 30 seconds.

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Immersive Technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to Increase Pain Threshold During Ice Immersion.

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