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Digital Support Intervention on Newly Licensed Nurses

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Digital Support Intervention on Newly Licensed Nurses

Brief Description of the Study: Text messages will be sent to participants and responses will be surveyed to ascertain if using a social, digital intervention can influence NLNs' (newly licensed nurses') stress, resiliency, perceived sense of social support, and/or the intention to stay at current jobs. Newly licensed nurses (within their first year of hire) will be asked to participate. A series of four text messages will be sent to all study participants (experimental and control groups) by the PI every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (M, W, F, S) at 1pm for six weeks, for a total of 24 different texts for each group. Participants will fill out surveys before the study begins, at week 3 and at the end of the study (week 6).The control group will receive medical facts. Texts sent to the experimental group will be based on SSBC nurturant support messages and are intended to decrease stress intention to leave (ITL), increase resilience, and perceived sense of support. The SSBC nurturant support texts are comprised of three themes of support: emotional, network, and esteem. The experimental group's supportive text messages were created by the PI and require content validation. A gatekeeper at your facility will be asked to send an email to "Experts" (MSN educators) and ask them to complete the validation survey using a Qualtrics Survey Platform then the PI will place ratings into a table and calculate the results. There are 3 other facilities enrolled in this study: University California, San Diego, El Centro Medical Center, and Pioneer Hospital (all located in southern California).


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Behavioral - digital support: text messages

In this study, the text messages are intended to be one-directional, from the PI to the participant. Participants are not expected to reply. If participants reply to any of the text messages, the PI will screen the content and only reply if it is a question regarding the study or a request to seek counseling. Additionally, participants will be instructed by the PI to access their Smartphones to read texts while on a break, after their shift, or when not at work; participants will be instructed t more on

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The Impact of a Digital Support Intervention on Stress, Resiliency, Perceived Social Support, and Intention to Leave Among Newly Licensed Nurses: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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