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Dislocation Precautions

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Dislocation Precautions

Patients undergoing hip replacements are often told by health care providers to avoid specific positions and activities to decrease the risk of their hip dislocating following their surgery. This however results in patients becoming more fearful of moving and leads to limitations in their function and decreased quality of life. Previous research has shown that hip dislocations following surgery are most commonly attributed to poor implant position rather than the actions of the patients. Teaching precautions takes up healthcare resources and may use finances that are not necessarily required. This study aims to compare groups with half receiving precautions and half not receiving precautions, to assess the impact of precautions on the patients quality of life.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only

Procedure - Posterior Approach Precautions

These patients will be advised not to bend their leg or trunk more than 90 degrees, avoid crossing the leg or crossing midline, and rotating the leg inwards. Patients will also be instructed to put a pillow in between their legs while sleeping for 6 weeks and to avoid bathing for 6 weeks.

Procedure - Anterior Approach Precautions

These patients will be advised to avoid extending the leg back, rotating the leg outwards, and lifting their bottom when lying down after their surgery for 6 weeks.

Procedure - No Precautions

For the non-precautions group, there will be no mention of precautions by any providers before, during, and after surgery. No equipment will be given, but a list of self-care equipment will be available for 'comfort' purposes. Patients will be instructed to avoid bathing for 4 weeks. All groups will have instructions to use a walking aid and a toilet seat if needed, to weight-bear as tolerated, and to avoid driving for 3 weeks.

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Impact of Dislocation Precautions on Fear and Function in Patients Undergoing Hip Replacement

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