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Online Study

Interview Study of Beliefs about Confidentiality and Attitudes toward Disclosure of Moral Injuries

Study Description

The study will explore one’s beliefs on whether experiencing certain types of stressful experiences, such as morally distressing events, may be more challenging to disclose and seek help for.

One type of psychological distress that may be experienced by military members is moral injury - the psychological distress in response to experiences that transgress personal moral standards. Moral injury is particularly concerning because individuals may not seek help due to perceived risk of career or legal repercussions. Given the importance of receiving adequate mental health care when it is needed, research is urgently needed to understand how beliefs about confidentiality may influence help-seeking in military members and Veterans.


Online Study

This study collects data using online methods and does not require you to come to the lab. Please check the methods section for details.


No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Remote Interview over Zoom

You will participate in a virtual interview (via Zoom) in which you will be asked open-ended questions about help-seeking and mental health service use in the military, as well as relevant barriers to these processes. Questions will also touch on potential morally injurious events and how these events may influence the decision to seek help. It is not required that participants have sought out mental health support in the past in order to be eligible for this study. The interview duration may range between 30 minutes and 90 minutes.

Additional Information

Official Study Title

An Interview Study of Beliefs about Confidentiality and Attitudes toward Disclosure of Moral Injuries

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