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Trans* birthing experiences: Making meaning of gender and gendered experiences

Study Description

I am seeking to understand how non-female gestational parents make meaning of their gender and gendered experiences during the childbearing year.

This is qualitative study using a psychoanalytic case study methodology. This study seeks to deepen and expand our understanding of how a person negotiates the intersection of body, gender, and culture when the person’s embodied activity is assigned gendered meanings that are inconsistent with their gender identity. Additionally, I want to understand how individuals themselves construct their gender identities and gendered experiences.


Online Study

This study collects data using online methods and does not require you to come to the lab. Please check the methods section for details.


No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted Patients and healthy individuals accepted


Each participant will engage in 5 hourlong interviews with the researcher, who is a licensed and practicing clinical social worker specializing in work with queer and trans* folx. Interviews will be conducted on a secure video-conferencing platform.

Additional Information

Official Study Title

Gender and gendered experiences in the pregnancies of non-female gestational parents

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