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IntelliCare in College Students - Implementation (ICCS-I)

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IntelliCare in College Students - Implementation (ICCS-I)

This study is a hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial of the smartphone student stress-management app IntelliCare for college students. This intervention will be tested with University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Northern Illinois University (NIU) students. During the study, participants will complete measures of depressive and anxious symptoms, as well as measures of mental health literacy, within the app.


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Behavioral - IntelliCare for College Students

Participants will receive access to the IntelliCare system, which consists of apps with a variety of resources, including lessons and tools designed to teach skills for mood management. It is suggested that participants utilize the mobile phone tools every day

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Expanding College Student Mental Health With Stress Management Mobile Technologies - Campus Wide Study

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