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Switching to E-Cigarette by Devaluing Combustible Cigarettes

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Assisting Smokers to Switch to a JUUL E-Cigarette by Devaluing Combustible Cigarettes

This study will evaluate a reward devaluation strategy in which smokers use the JUUL e-cigarette immediately before any combustible cigarettes (CCs) are smoked. This procedure is predicted to accomplish three goals: 1) the rewarding effects of CC will be disrupted because subjects will already have attained fairly high peak nicotine concentrations immediately before smoking the cigarette. This reduces the rewarding effect of smoking, in part from receptor desensitization that occurs following nicotine exposure, which reduces the response to a subsequent dose of nicotine, and in part from satiating the drive to smoke; 2) the use of the JUUL will become associated with the same cues that elicit smoking, thereby promoting the substitution of JUUL use for CC use; and 3) ad libitum nicotine intake from the JUUL and its rewarding effects will be maximized because, unlike CC, they will be experienced after a period of nicotine deprivation. Thus, despite a lower per-puff nicotine dose relative to CC, the pharmacologic impact and reinforcing effect will be maximized. The study will evaluate two flavors (Mint and Virginia Tobacco), randomly assigned, to determine if flavor assignment (similar to the subjects' usual brand of CC or different than the subjects usual brand CC) has an effect on the success of this reconditioning procedure.


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Subjects will be instructed to use the JUUL as often as they like during the 12-week product use period. They will also be instructed to use JUUL immediately before each cigarette to relieve their craving as much as possible before smoking their usual brand. The JUUL will also be the first product that they are instructed to use each morning. Smokers will be told to try to completely substitute JUUL for cigarettes by the end of the first week of use.

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Assisting Smokers to Switch to a JUUL E-Cigarette by Devaluing Combustible Cigarettes

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