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Apple Hearing Study

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Apple Hearing Study

The Apple Hearing Study is a partnership between the University of Michigan and Apple to study sound exposure and its impact on hearing health. This groundbreaking study will advance the understanding of how hearing could be impacted over time by exposure to sound at certain levels. The investigators will measure headphone and environmental sound exposures over time among participants, and determine how these exposures impact hearing and stress levels. US residents who own an iPhone, download the Apple Research app and consent to participate will be randomly assigned to two groups, one with a "Basic" user interface in the Research app, and one with an "Advanced" user interface. Users in the "Advanced" group will receive additional information about their exposures and be given additional surveys and hearing tests based on their music and environmental sound exposures. The study will provide investigators with a better understanding of listening behavior and its overall impact on hearing health. This information will in turn help guide public health policy and prevention programs designed to protect and promote hearing health in the US and globally.


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Behavioral - Advanced

"Advanced" group users will receive prompts when an acutely high headphone audio level exposure (LEQ equivalent to >97 dBA for >30 minutes) occurs. Those in the WatchOS arm will be prompted when their weekly environmental sound level (7-day LEQ equivalent to >80 dBA for >40 hrs) is high. Either prompt will occur via notification, and will request that the participant review exposure data in the Research app and answer questions related to their exposure. The survey will ask for confirmation that more on

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Apple Hearing Study Characterization of Headphone Audio Levels, and Optional Wristwatch-Based Environmental Sound Levels, With Variable User Interface

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