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Auditory Temporal Processes in Aging

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Auditory Temporal Processes in Aging

Older people experience great difficulty understanding speech, especially accented English, and this problem is expected to increase with the influx of immigrants who provide services to the elderly population. The research examines the underlying factors that contribute to older listeners' difficulty understanding accented speech, including those associated with age-related hearing loss, changes in processing in auditory pathways in the brain, and general cognitive decline. The investigation also evaluates the efficacy of training strategies to improve understanding of accented English by older people. Outcomes of this research are expected to improve communication between senior citizens and those with whom they interact daily, and thereby improve quality of life for the older segment of the Nation's population.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Auditory training with feedback

Experimental group receives phoneme-level and sentence-level training with feedback

Behavioral - Listening paradigm with no feedback

Active controls listen to acoustic stimuli with no feedback

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Auditory Temporal Processes, Speech Perception and Aging

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