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Online Treatment for Insomnia in Cancer Survivors

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The Effectiveness of Online Treatment for Insomnia in Cancer Survivors

Chronic insomnia affects more than 25% of cancer survivors, a rate double that of the general population. The Pan-Canadian sleep guideline for adults with cancer recommends Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) as the best treatment. Major problems, however, are the lack of available CBT-I at cancer centers and the lack of information about possible side-effects of CBT-I. To address this issue, our study will evaluate the effectiveness and potential short-term side-effects of an online version of CBT-I. It is expected that when compared to cancer survivors who receive an online sleep education program, those who receive online CBT-I will experience improved sleep, mood, and quality of life, as well as reduced anxiety and fatigue.


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Behavioral - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

psychoeducation about insomnia, relaxation training, sleep restriction, stimulus control, hypnotic tapering under direction of a physician, cognitive therapy, sleep hygiene

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The Effectiveness of Online Treatment for Insomnia in Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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