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Treatment for Executive Functioning Deficits in ADHD

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Recollect the Game: A Novel Treatment for Executive Functioning Deficits in Adults With ADHD

Adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) suffer from significant occupational, academic and social problems, many of which are believed to be a result of problems with executive functioning. Executive functioning refers to a group of neuro-psychological functions which include sustained attention, working memory, verbal fluency, as well as motor and mental processing speed. Individuals with ADHD have been shown to have deficits in executive functioning independent of IQ, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, gender, and ADHD subtype. "Recollect" is an application (App) based working memory training video game where participants conduct 3-different adaptive working memory tasks. In each of these tasks participants are presented with a set of stimuli to be remembered while playing a simple platform game where they help navigate an astronaut across the screen and dodge obstacles. Recollect has been designed for all age groups to an interesting, fun and effective brain-training activity. The memory tasks included in the game have been independently shown to improve working memory in a manner that transfers to untrained tasks. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of playing Recollect versus Tetris for 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week over a 4 week period, on executive functioning deficits in individuals who have Adult ADHD.


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Recollect, the game

"Recollect" is a working memory training game


App-based video game where shapes are rotated and placed to fit a grid

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Recollect the Game: A Novel Treatment for Executive Functioning Deficits in Adults With ADHD

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