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CESM ABMR Breast Cancer Screening Trial

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CESM ABMR Breast Cancer Screening Trial

This is a single institution, prospective screening trial of women at high risk for developing breast cancer, enriched with women with suspicious lesions on breast MRI which have been recommended for biopsy. Primary Aim: Measure and compare the diagnostic performance of CESM, ABMR, and standard breast MRI, using the following performance measures: cancer detection rate (CDR), biopsy rate, and cancer yield of biopsy (also known as positive predictive value 3 or PPV3). Secondary Aims: 1. Compare screening performance outcome measures of sensitivity, specificity, and area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) for CESM, ABMR, and standard breast MRI. This will determine the feasibility of each modality as an alternative to standard breast MRI and provide valuable pilot data for designing a larger clinical trial to evaluate non-inferiority of either or both modalities. 2. Breast cancer characteristics (size, histologic subtype, node-positivity, AJCC stage) will be assessed in the overall cohort, and stratified by mode of detection for each modality(screen-detected versus interval).


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Device - Contrast-enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM)

Dual energy mammography images obtained after the administration of an intravenous contrast agent

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Comparative Performance of Contrast-enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) and Abbreviated Breast MRI (ABMR) With Standard Breast MRI for Breast Cancer Screening

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