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Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans with Dementia

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Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans With Dementia

Dementia impacts Veterans, their families, and other Veterans who serve as caregivers. One of the most stressful aspects of caregiving is the management of behavioral problems (e.g. wandering, agitation, and sleep difficulties), which exacerbate health issues for both caregivers and persons with dementia (PWD). Existing VA caregiver treatments for caregiver stress and behavioral problems are often ineffective. Many caregivers do not realize their interactions with PWD contribute to behavioral problems and thus do not ask for help to improve their interpersonal skills. The aim of this project is to develop an assessment of interpersonal skills deficits and a related treatment strategy to assist family caregivers of PWD who are challenged by a lack of interpersonal skills and are not helped by existing family caregiver treatments. This project, will develop and test (1) a video assessment of caregiver/PWD interaction that clinicians will use to identify interpersonal difficulties and (2) a family therapy for the interpersonal difficulties clinicians identify in the assessment.


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Behavioral - Telemental Health Family Intervention

Approximately 12-16 session family intervention that will include the following specific strategies, the implementation of which will be tailored by clinicians to the specific interpersonal deficits identified in an assessment: (1) psychoeducation on dementia, (2) communication and problem solving skills, (3) safety building skills, (4) relationship satisfaction enhancement skills, (5) "meaning making" (i.e. collaboratively identifying the personal significance of events), (6) identification of more on

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Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans With Dementia

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