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Socioemotional Processing in Alcohol Use Disorder

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A Response Modulation Hypothesis of Socioemotional Processing Associated With Alcohol Use Disorder

Background: Problem drinking affects nearly half the people who drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol affects a person s social behavior and brain structure, but researchers don t have a good understanding of how. They want to test a technique called neurofeedback to learn more about how to treat problem drinking. Objectives: To study what happens in the brains of people who drink alcohol when they look at pictures of social things and of alcohol. To learn if people can control brain activity in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner and if this helps people with drinking. Eligibility: Adults ages 21 65 who have an alcohol use disorder. Healthy volunteers ages 21 65 Design: Participants will be screened with Physical exam Medical history Blood, urine, and heart tests Mental health interview Questions about their alcohol drinking. At each session, participants will have: A urine test for drugs and pregnancy. If they test positive, they cannot participate. A breath alcohol test and assessment for alcohol withdrawal. Participants will complete surveys, talk to researchers about behaviors, and play games. Participants will have MRI brain scans. The scanner is a metal cylinder in a strong magnetic field. They will lie on a table that slides in and out of the scanner for 1 2 hours. Participants will do tasks in the scanner: They will look at pictures, sometimes of alcohol. They will try to hit a goal. Some participants will get feedback during this task. They will see how their brain activity changes or how someone else s changes. Participants may have follow-up phone questions at least 3 times over about 6 months.


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Investigating a Response Modulation Hypothesis of Socioemotional Processing Associated With Alcohol Use Disorder

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